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The enveloping softness of Alana fabric offers a feeling of being in a luxurious cocoon due to its thickness.

Colors : White, Nude, Camel, Light Grey, Dark Grey
Composition : 76% Alpaca, 24% wool
Weight: g/ml 640 – 1,41 Lbs
Width : 60″
Utilisation : Small seat, curtains, throws, bed runners, cushions, wall hanging .
Martindales : 26 000
Origin: Peru
Care : Dry Clean Only

Discover the Alana fabric collection

Made in our partner workshops at the summit of the Peruvian Altiplano, the Alana collection reveals all the beauty and softness of alpaca. At the same time dense and soft, it enables us to answer all your desires of decoration. By its nature, it will perfectly dress chalets at high altitude, where its silky touch will blend elegantly with wood and decorative steel elements. The Alana fabric can also be used for thick curtains, the drape of which will bring a lot of charm to the room they are in.
Soft and delicate, the Alana collection is made of baby alpaca and merino wool. Baby alpaca is the rarest, finest and most luxurious quality of alpaca. It does not come from baby animals, but from the first shearing of the alpaca, which occurs when the animal is 1 to 2 years old, and also from a careful selection among thousands of animals across the Altiplano. This will be the finest quality produced by the animal. Today, we work with 34 communities of breeders based over 4,500 above sea level, where the best quality alpaca is found. All our alpacas come from herds raised according to the traditions of Andean breeding. The Alana alpaca fabric is also a collection from our "Pure" range, a 100% natural range, made without any dyeing or petrochemical process. Our Alana collection is also available in bespoke throw and bespoke cushions.