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The Velo is a sheer curtain as light as it is delicate, made of 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% silk. Woven at the summit of the Peruvian Altiplano, it has been designed to satisfy all interiors, and meet all requirements.

Colors : white, or in a special color on request.
Composition : 70% Alpaca, 30% Silk
Weight: g/ml 263 – 0,58 Lbs
Width : 82″
Utilisation : Sheers
Origin: Peru
Care : Dry Clean Only

Discover the Velo collection

The Velo sheer curtain in alpaca will perfectly dress any type of window, thanks to its timeless andelegant style. The exquisite herringbone pattern is reminiscent of the charm of an old parquet, and like the latter, the Velo must be thought of as an ornament in its own right. Suspended, it will let itself be lulled by the wind, creating undulations and aerial movements, to give depth and intensity to the room. The blend of fibers also gives it a silky feel, thanks to the incomparable softness of alpaca. Alpaca, one of the finest and most luxurious fiber in the world, is carefully selected at the top of the Peruvian Altiplano, among thousands of animals. We work with 34 communities of breeders based between 4,500 and 5,400 meters above sea level, where the best quality alpaca is found. Silk, for its part, captures the sunlight, which gives this sheer a luminous rendering. Extremely elegant, it will be perfect for well-kept apartments and villas, where it will complement and enrich the decoration, whatever the style. Therein lies the strength of the Vélo sheer curtain, able to adapt with style to the modern as well as to the old, to the graphic as well as the bohemian.

Made in a width of 210 cm, its dimensions allow it to adapt to the most varied requirements, for a luxurious and unique result. For curtains with shaded colors, discover our Velo a mano.