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Pilea alpaca rug

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Pour prendre soin de votre produit INATA, et lui assurer une durée de vie prolongée, privilégiez les lavages à sec.


Vous pouvez personnaliser une étiquette en cuir français en y inscrivant un mot, des initiales, un cœur, etc., afin de rendre votre produit unique. Vous avez le choix entre faire un embossage à chaud avec une feuille d'or ou opter pour un marquage plus naturel.

The Pilea carpet is inspired by the beauty of the flora, and in particular by the eponymous flower, all in roundness and softness. It is composed, like its muse, of an imbrication of spheres. Made of fur, these are of different types and colors, for a movement effect and a soft touch. It is a subtle blend of long, soft Suri alpaca fur and dense, wispy Huacaya alpaca fur from our pure range, made without any dye. Thus, the natural colors of the different fleeces are subtly blended. Nude, white and camel blend harmoniously to bring refinement and brightness to your interior design. Like the Pilea flower, it is airy, organic and soft, like a cocoon in which to curl up. Deliberately shaped from rounded and bulbous patterns, it invites you to soothe and let go, while gently. Its balanced dimensions make it a piece that will find its place as much in a living room as in a bedroom, according to your desires. To leave room for your imagination and meet your requirements, the Pilea carpet is also available in a custom-made format, by modulating its composition and shape. Particularly easy to maintain, alpaca fur does not require special care. It is also preferred by prestigious hotels for its water repellency, which limits the absorption of liquids. Any daily tasks can be easily and simply absorbed and dealt with. As aesthetic and elegant as it is practical, the Pilea rug is a choice ally for a voluptuous and refined decoration.
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