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Find here the answers to your most common questions about Inata.


What are the delivery times ?

Delivery times run from the confirmation of the order received by email. Delivery times are 2 days for all orders placed before 14 am GMT + 1 and 3 working days for all orders placed after 14 am GMT + 1.

Delivery in France and the Principality of Monaco:

Delivery in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Sweden:

Objects subject to additional delivery times:

Please note that the delivery time of the pieces made to measure is greater than the time indicated above. If necessary, the deadline will be specified in the description of the product, in addition, our Customer Service will contact you to inform you of the time required to receive your order.

For any questions, we invite you to contact our Customer Service by phone or by e-mail via the “Contact us” section.

How to return or exchange an item purchased on the Inata.co website?

You have the option to return, for a request for exchange or refund, any product ordered on the site Innata.fr within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of delivery. Returned products must be accompanied by their purchase invoice or a copy in case of partial return.

If the items have been offered to you, you only have the option of exchanging them for items of the same value. Please contact our Customer Service who will email you the prepaid return label.
The product must be returned in its original packaging.

Can I attach a personalized message to my gift order ?

It’s possible to include an accompanying card when ordering by choosing the option “add an accompanying card” at the delivery stage. You can enter a message or request a blank card that you can customize yourself.

If you have some more questions, please contact us.