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Fur rugs

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Size: 300 x 300 cm
Colors: White, Nude, Camel, Chocolate

Our timeless rugs are made from 100% natural undyed fur. Thus, they present a unique appearance, both in terms of color variations and physical qualities of the fur, which gives them the indisputable prestige of luxury products. These rugs with the promise of suspended time and cocooning will be an exceptional decorative element, and will embellish with rare elegance the room where they will be.Ainsi, ils dévoilent une apparence unique, tant en termes de variations de couleur que de qualités physiques de la fourrure, ce qui leurs confère le cachet indiscutable des produits haut de gamme.

Their fur comes from alpaca herds living between 4,500 and 5,400 meters above sea level. In this tropical climate, at high altitudes, temperatures vary between 25°C during the day and -30°C at night, throughout the year. In addition to these harsh conditions, the rainy season is from January to March. The combination of extreme temperatures and high humidity is fatal for some alpacas. With our partner breeders, we have decided to value this loss, both sentimental and financial, by putting them in touch with the best furriers in the country and thus transform these furs. It is from this process that our range of 100% natural fur products is born.
The small differences of color and length of fiber also result from this choice of 100% natural. The fur rugs are adaptable in size, to meet all your requirements.