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Écharpe Essential en baby alpaga


Composition: 100% baby alpaca
Size: 30×200 cm
Colors : White, Camel, Dark Grey, Black, Light Grey, Navy, Red, Orange, Nude, Chocolate

Discover our Essential scarves in baby alpaca

Our Essential scarf is composed of 100% baby alpaca. A collection of our simple and timeless pieces: longlasting accessories, intended to accompany you throughout your life.

In pure baby alpaca fiber, the scarves in the Essential collection are made from natural fibers and carefully selected by our weaving partners, and for the most part made without any petrochemical process. They have all the virtues inherited from the fleece of the alpaca, a camelid living at an altitude of over 4000 meters, on the highest Peruvian plateaus: softness, warmth but also natural shine.
Woven in the purest tradition of the southern Andes, the scarves in this collection will be perfect for all styles, which they will subtly sublimate, thanks to a simple and discreet charm. Known for the warmth that alpaca fiber provides, they will be an ally of choice for winter days, as well as for the cooler summer evenings, where they will give you an enveloping touch of warmth and softness.

Made with care, these scarves guarantee respect for your skin as well as that of the environment, thanks to a composition carefully thought out to meet the highest demands. Thus, 8 of the 12 colors available in this collection are completely natural, made without any dyeing and correspond faithfully to the different fleeces that alpacas have.
Designed to meet all requirements, the Essential scarves are unisex, for an elegant and accomplished style for all.

The Essential Baby Alpaca scarf is also available as throws and cushions.