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Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, the Reversible collection will be your ally of choice for making projects and custom decoration. Worked in 2 superimposed layers of different colors, this collection is made up of 67% baby alpaca, the finest fiber produced by the animal.

Colors : Light Grey + White , Grey + Blue, Grey + Black, Beige + Brown, Black + Red
Composition : 67% baby alpaca 19% Merino Wool 14% nylon
Weight: g/ml 630 – 1,39 Lbs
Width: cm 150 – 59 inches
Origin: Peru
Maintenance: Dry Clean Only

Discover the Reversible fabric collection

The colors, selected with taste, blend with elegance, for a perfect homogeneous result. Carefully used, each fabric can play a central role in decorating an interior, through the creation of curtains, plaid, cushions or other decorations. Playing with colors and tones has never been so simple and elegant, thanks to the use of both sides of the fabric. Sometimes one or the other, sometimes light or sometimes dark, designers and individuals will find in this fabric something innovative and creative to think about.

Both sides of the fabric reveal all the softness of the fiber used. Each creation is thus a real pleasure for the eyes, but also for the touch, and everyone who will be attracted to the softness of the product. The warmth from the alpaca fiber used to make this fabric will undoubtedly be popular on winter evenings by the fire, for a cocooning moment, as if suspended in times. This fabric, entirely hand-woven, is as rare as it is luxurious, and will allow you to create unique and sophisticated rooms. Our Reversible fabric collection is also available for bespoke throwsand cushions.