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Furry bear

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Vous pouvez personnaliser une étiquette en cuir français en y inscrivant un mot, des initiales, un cœur, etc., afin de rendre votre produit unique. Vous avez le choix entre faire un embossage à chaud avec une feuille d'or ou opter pour un marquage plus naturel.

The furry bear, the perfect little companion for a soft decoration!

Strange as it may sound, this little bearwas born from observing the use of furs. This precious raw material, derived from alpacas which cannot withstand the harsh temperature differences between day and night during the rainy season, unfortunately cannot always be used in its entirety. In line with artisanal practice, when it comes to the cutting stage, we use all optimization techniques to minimize waste from our bespoke rugs, throws and other cushions. Despite these efforts, some of the material is still lost, which is why our artisans and designers have come up with new solutions to enhance all of these scraps of fur.
This is how Zorro el Osito, the little alpaca fur bear, was born! Perfect on a dresser or in a bookcase, it will also find its place to decorate a child's room with its soft and warm tones, which soothe and reassure. It is available in white and camel, its colors being faithful to the animal's fleece because the material is not subject to dyeing or other coloring processes. The furry bear is available in two heights: 20 and 45 centimeters. Discover also ous cushions in 100% natural fur to complete your collection.

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