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Alpaca & Silk


Pour prendre soin de votre produit INATA, et lui assurer une durée de vie prolongée, privilégiez les lavages à sec.


Vous pouvez personnaliser une étiquette en cuir français en y inscrivant un mot, des initiales, un cœur, etc., afin de rendre votre produit unique. Vous avez le choix entre faire un embossage à chaud avec une feuille d'or ou opter pour un marquage plus naturel.

Unveiled for the first time during The Paris Design Week in 2021, Chakra is the result of collaboration between visual artist Sara Badr Schmidt and Maison Inata. Creativity and know-how have come together to conceive a unique product, made one by one. Entirely hand-tufted in alpaca and silk in the flagship of the Peruvian Altipiano weaving workshops, it combines the softness of these noble fibers and the audacity of the colors carefully selected by the artist. Journey of the senses, Chakra invites relaxation and a moment of rejuvenation. In this piece, everything is designed so that the body feels both the softness and gentleness of the material. A sharp color gradient unfolds in the center, symbolizing the progression of the chakras through the energy centers, while the rest of the rug sports a subtle and soft tone on ecru tone.  
In this room, everything invites a journey of the senses and relaxation : the material, the shape, the colors. A true work of art thought of as a painting, the Chakra rug can be putvon the floor for a moment of rest, or hung on the wall for meditative contemplation. It is up to everyone to intercat with Chakra as they wish, and to take advantage of the time for themselves that it offers. Unique, authentic and luxurious, the Chakra Rug will be the centerpiece of a refined and unique decoration.

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