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merinos Llasa throw

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100% Merino Wool


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The Llasa Plaid, an exceptional piece made from 100% merino wool

The only collection made from 100% merino wool, the Llasa throw once again celebrates the know-how of our partners and what is most precious in the Andes. An unconfined domestic animal native to Spain, the merino is a sheep with a plentiful fleece. The wool it produces is rare and cherished, similar to a fluffy down, but above all famous for its exquisite softness. Herders in the Peruvian Altiplano often own Merino sheep, which live with their herds of alpacas. This is why we have decided to also offer this fiber, which our partner workshops work in a special way, to give the most beautiful results. Like alpaca fiber, merino wool has thermoregulatory and insulating properties, which makes it ideal for winter evenings. With its delicate cream-white color and sublime softness, the Llasa plaid is the embodiment of natural authenticity, strong and soft at the same time. A total of twelve of our partner provide us with the fiber for the Llasa throw, which is hand woven. Discover also our throws in 100% aby alpaca fiber, Essential and Fishbone.

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