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Essential a Mano alpaca throws


Composition: 100% Baby alpaca
Colors: White + Nude, White + Dark Grey, Camel + Black, Light Grey + Dark Grey, White + Navy, White + Carribean, White + Sunny, White + Fuchsia
Dimensions: 130 x 200 cm


The Essential a Mano throw is one of the latest treasure from our workshops.

The Essential a Mano throw is composed of 100% de Baby alpaca with a subtle gradient of shades. Perfect for brightening up any interior, everyone will find, among the 7 color combinations, the most appropriate one for the decoration it will complement. Warm but also daring, this throw is a reinvented classic, able to transform the style of a room instantly, making it more assured and lively. Perfect for the privacy of a bedroom, it will also find its place on the sofa in a living room or on outdoor armchairs for cooler summer evenings. Bold and luminous, the vigour of the color gradients contrasts with the intense softness of baby alpaca, a fiber as rare as it is luxurious.

Made from the best baby alpaca fibers from Peruvian Altiplano, the Essential a Mano throw is entirely woven and dyed by hand. Baby alpaca is the rarest, finest and most luxurious quality of alpaca. It does not come from baby animals, but from the first shearing of the alpaca, which occurs when the animal is 1 to 2 years old, and also from a careful selection among thousands of animals across the Altiplano. This will be the finest quality produced by the animal. Today, we work with 34 communities of breeders based over 4,500 above sea level, where the best quality alpaca is found. Thus, each blanket is unique, giving it the sublime charm of exceptional craftsmanship.

The Essential a Mano throw is also available as a scarf and cushions.