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Plaids, Fabrics, Custom Carpets and other textile treasures in Alpaca, woven on the Peruvian Altiplano.

At Inata, we believe in the exceptional qualities of a rare fiber, alpaca, and in the know-how developed by man to create superior quality products. For these reasons, we select the best Peruvian weaving skills for the creation of our collections of decorative textiles. We make all our products with the greatest respect for the man who manufactures and the one who uses, favoring natural fibers and limiting the use of dyes. The best quality for each piece of our collections.


Essential a Mano throw

A straightforward and luminous gradient, entirely hand-dyed, where the power of colors contrasts with the intense softness of 100% baby alpaca. Made from fibers from the best breeders in the Peruvian Altiplano, the Essential a Mano plaid brings brightness and elegance to any interior.

Fabrics and Sheers

Fruit of our expertise and our spirit of innovation, Inata alpaca fabrics and curtains draw inspiration from both modern and traditional styles and production techniques. Editor of high-end upholstery fabrics, we select the best alpaca fiber for your interior decoration projects. Inspired by the nature of the Peruvian Altiplano, Inata fabrics are imbued with softness and luminosity, and reveal all the qualities of one of the most luxurious fibers in the world.

Velo a mano

The incomparable softness of alpaca subtly blends with the delicacy of silk, for a sheer airy veil with a delicate texture. Worked in a width of 210 cm while transparency, the lights cross and enrich this curtain according to the colors it sports, in particular thanks to the mixture of the noble fibers which compose it, baby alpaca and silk.

Bespoke throws

Textures, colors, dimensions: Inata gives you the keys to design your corner of well-being, between exquisite softness and silky touch.

Our shop

Find on our shop our most beautiful ready-to-wear and decoration accessories, for an elegant and luxurious style.