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Essential a Mano

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100% Baby Alpaca


Pour prendre soin de votre produit INATA, et lui assurer une durée de vie prolongée, privilégiez les lavages à sec.


Vous pouvez personnaliser une étiquette en cuir français en y inscrivant un mot, des initiales, un cœur, etc., afin de rendre votre produit unique. Vous avez le choix entre faire un embossage à chaud avec une feuille d'or ou opter pour un marquage plus naturel.

Discover the Essential a Mano fabric collection

Perfect to brighten up any interior, everyone will find among the 5 color combinations the most appropriate for the decoration it will complement. Some prefer a clear blue, which is reminiscent of a sky swept by clouds. Others will find timeless charm in dark and deep tones like black and camel. Warm but also daring, this fabric is a rejunerated classic, able to transform the style of a room instantly, to make it more assertive and lively. Honest and luminous, the power of the color gradients contrasts with the intense softness of the baby alpaca. The Essential a Mano collection is made from our Essential fabric collection. The latter is a 100% natural range, produced without any petrochemical process and using fibers from the best breeders of the Peruvian Altiplano. Essential a Mano fabric is hand woven and hand-dyed, giving it the unique charm of the best craftsmen. Each piece of fabric is unique, with its peculiarities and specificities, and the gradient of the two colors is carried out over a maximum length of 320 cm. Boldness and delicacy are the hallmarks of this flagship collection, available in different colors, for rooms that reflect your image. Our Essential a Mano collection is also available in throws, cushions and scarves.

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